Our vision

To help the growing demand by anyone who is ‘tired of being tired’ for an effective and sustainable self-help solution to any down swing in quality of life. 

Our vision is to bring to market a state of the art product that anyone can use: from young to professionally active, sporty and fit, and to the over-60s; designed to replace habits of “who you are not” with simple effective, practical, and proven solutions to overcome fatigue, unhealthy lifestyle and dysfunctional breathing by using TalisLife’s multilevel intelligent Mobile Health training system.


Our Mission

To develop a system consisting of a device, app and on-line consulting services, integrated with your smartphone or tablet that motivates, measures, alerts, provides feedback, and trains you to a lead a sustainable, energetic, and healthy life.

To monitor vital body-mind parameters in daily life, the user, you, can become aware and train yourself to the same automated responses as athletes when faced with daily life challenges and turn self-tought solutions into trained automated responses so as to respond to life’s daily challenges.

Although TalisLife is not a medical device, per se, it uses highly accurate evidence-based standards that can help health professionals assist their clients in recovering or overcoming lifestyle related health problems.


Corporate Responsibility

A healthy and better lifestyle need not be confined to wealthy countries.  Talislife recognizes that in working with NGO’s and agencies in some of the world’s poorest countries that basic improvements in health and lifestyle can be made by simple use of a mobile telephone and an app.  Talislife intends to set aside a percentage from every product sold for education and training of people in these countries to learn the right healthy lifestyle habits.


Our Team

TalisLife’s training system is built by a team of international experts in Human Health Technology, including;

  • Behavioral Physiology and Breathing Science
  • Biofeedback Technology
  • Lifestyle Medicine, Nutrition and Stress Management
  • Clinical Medicine and Cardiology
  • Performance Psychology and Coaching
  • Sports Medicine and Training
  • Athletes
  • Work-Life-Health Balance
  • Mobile Health Technology, software developments and user experience