Take a reading of your lifestyle

Working with Dr. Herbert Benson and his team at the Mind Body Medical Institute at Harvard Medical School in Boston on the interaction between mind&body, fatigue and lifestyle. 

It is fascinating to now read the new special health reports and watch TV programs here in England focusing on the benefits of being active for at least 30 minutes every day, learning how to stay healthy, preventing fatigue and stress, taking time out to recuperate, ending the day with a few minutes of being mindful, and applying an integrated healthy lifestyle. 

People are living longer and this week there is a conference in London on “Healthy living longer."

We at TalisLife will soon bring to market a Mobile Health system integrated in your smartphone that tests, teaches, trains, and tracks your nine human health risks and behaviors. An all in one experience to help you prepare to take on the day – every day, stay healthy, and live longer.

We are a group of experts from different health fields (sports medicine, athletics, biofeedback, behavioral physiology and breathing science, medicine, cardiology, nutrition, exercise physiology, performance psychology, lifestyle medicine, coaching, technology, software development, user experience, and branding) who have brought together all our knowledge and experience around healthy lifestyles to help you, whether you: 

  • are an active professional living with stress and challenges
  • are 60+ and need to adapt your stay well program to new health issues and realities
  • enjoy sports and want to improve your performance
  • are a CEO who cares for your employees.

Next week's blog post will focus on how TalisLife can help you 

  • banish fatigue and master your physical, mental, and emotional well being
  • recognize when your are in your e-zone game
  • act more directly, think clearly and quickly, and tackle challenges with confidence and enthusiasm.

If you feel that you don’t always have the PEP (Personal Energy Performance) you used to have, you are not alone. But with TalisLife you can learn to regain it and sustain it as part of your daily routine. Would you like to learn more? Then please send us an email and we will send you the link to next week's blog.