TalisLife - a stand-alone, easy-to-use multilevel intelligent app that utilizes measurement tools built into the smartphone or linked to a measuring device eco-system. It monitors, gives advice and motivational solutions on specific healthy and active lifestyle parameters, transforms figures into solutions, and provides access to an on-line health professional community and product up-sell.

Ready for market in autumn 2016 and to be sold initially via the App Store, Google Play, pharmacies, e-health platform, wearable partners and corporations.


Learn to set your healthy energy goals and control your progress.

TalisLife will test, teach, train and track your physical, mental and emotional progress, offer advice, encouragement, training and coaching to keep you on track!

TalisLife monitors the 9 Human Health Risk and Behaviors: Energy, stress, activity, weight, blood pressure, breathing, sleep quality, healthy lifestyle habits and level of care.

By monitoring your 9 Human Health Risk and Behaviors TalisLife will help you discover, develop and maintain your healthy performance zone – the zone of healthy energy.

TalisLife eco-system – also works as a hub with other Bluetooth compatible health devices. TalisLife have developed a partnership with Prestigio’s device eco-system consisting of a Smart Blood Pressure Monitor, and Smart Body Fat Scale.


TalisLife is an excellent product for people who want to;

  • Be ready to take on the day
  • Discover smart sensible steps to take on the right health habits 
  • Learn great ways on how athletes train to stay on top  


TalisLife has also developed a special corporate health program

The Corporate Health Compass is designed to improve your employee health, realize the full potential of your human health capital, creating a better environment for employees and helping the corporate bottom line.

Working in conjunction with your human resources department, the Corporate Health Compass raises employee awareness about their health, what can be done to improve it and how incredibly motivating it is when packaged into a program where they can see positive results. The effect encourages a healthy lifestyle, better employee engagement, raises corporate productivity, reduces downtime and sickness consequently significantly reducing health care costs.