Professionally active?


Be ready to take on the day – everyday.  Enjoy great energy, physical strength, mental capacity…all while being emotionally calm and creative helped by a personalized healthy lifestyle.

Baby Boomer or older?

Discover the smart sensible and achievable steps you can take right now to ensure a healthier and longer life.


Enjoy sports or want to stay well?


Learn great ways to stay well, fit and healthy and how athletes train to stay on top and perform at their best.

Ideal for a corporation

The Corporate Health Compass is designed to improve your employee health, realize the full potential of your human health capital, creating a better environment for employees and helping the corporate bottom-line.

With TalisLife you can

  • test the 9 human health risks and behaviors, learn how to keep them in sync, design personalized solutions, set clear goals and track your progress, and get a daily 360 degree approach to your current health.
  • teach you to have good habits
  • trains you to stay in your healthy performance zone to perform better physically and mentally, avoid stress and fatigue, learn to act on pre-burnout signs, recover more quickly and develop better energy building habits.
  • tracks your progress

TalisLife is a multilevel intelligent interactive Mobile Health training system (device and app) integrated with your smartphone or tablet that motivates, measures, alerts, provides feedback and trains you to lead a sustainable, energetic and healthy life.

TalisLife is an all in one experience you suited for your daily life.